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Ordinals Nexus Miners

May 23, 2024

Nexus Miners have arrived on Bitcoin! This limited mint is your access pass to mining rewards from a real bitcoin mine, integrated with our Nexus Web3 Hub!

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Nexus Miners v1

Apr 28, 2024

Cardania is expanding our active in-house mining operation! Phase 1 Public Mint on Cardano is now LIVE. Click here to mint!Phase 1 Public Mint on Ordinals begins this evening, stay tuned. 📖 BIG IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: This is advertisement for purchase of a digital asset Non-Fungible Token, and not a guarantee of any monetary returns, or […]

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Nexus Relaunch!

Apr 18, 2024

Attention, Citizens: If you’re reading this, the Nexus has been successfully relaunched! Attention Citizens, Cardania’s NEXUS Web3 Hub relaunches on April 24th and brings with it a slew of new features, onboarding tools, and a much improved user interface. We are excited to bring you the brand new Resource Marketplace – On launch, Players will […]

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Epoch Wars v2.0 Update: Citadels!

Jul 7, 2023

Epoch Wars players may now construct Citadel Modules on their Terraforms. Citadels are off-chain player built outposts which improve player defense, provide bonuses, and unlock additional capabilities such as research, crafting, and spellcasting. Citadels feature 9 separate modules that together form a full Citadel. Players may upgrade each module to improve its effectiveness and capabilities. Upgrades also have a visual component and look super sick at level 3.

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Nexus Update 1.8: Anomalies!

Jun 11, 2023

Anomalies are unique events that players can encounter while playing Epoch Wars. Players will find Anomaly signals scattered throughout the sectors. If an anomaly is within range of your forces, you may choose to attack the Terraform on which it is located, and if successful you may scan the anomaly.

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Nexus: Epoch Wars 1.7 - EXP & Leveling!

Jun 11, 2023

This update brings a much anticipated Experience and Leveling system to the Nexus. You will now earn experience points for most everything you do both in game and throughout the nexus, and level up your profiles over time.

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Epoch Wars - Nexus 1.5 Update

Mar 20, 2023

Attention, Citizens: The Nexus Update 1.5 the “Epoch Wars” is here!  Bullet Points on our Nexus 1.5 “EPOCH WARS” Update: – Assign 5 Creature cards per Terraform🃏 – Launch attacks from your lands ⚔️ – Assign Starships to Lands 🚀 – Starships extend Reach and add both attack and defense ⚡️ – Citizens also […]

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Cardania Dynamic NFTs

Jan 31, 2023

Starships will be a critical component for Cardania gaming, from faction conflict in Nexus to Enter the Ultraverse and beyond. As such, we are pursuing novel and innovative approaches to metadata management for the Starships tokens. Dynamic NFTs are a new and exciting use of blockchain technology that combines authentic token ownership with the flexibility […]

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RAD Token Updates: The Great Burn

Aug 28, 2022

In order to re-calibrate our token mechanics to be more competitive, we are immediately "burning" 45B RAD tokens (50% of total supply) via wallet smart contract and implementing an ongoing automated burn process.

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Explaining the Hardfork Combinator

May 21, 2022

The Hardfork Combinator allows Cardano to upgrade to its protocol in a secure and well ordered fashion.

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Vasil Hardfork Update: Key Points

Apr 27, 2022

The Vasil Hardfork is a major ledger upgrade that will give new tools to dApp developers in the ecosystem, allowing them to build faster and lighter processes on their platforms, without sacrificing security. The hardfork event is planned for June 29th, 2022.

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Cardania: Setting the Digital Land Standard

Apr 23, 2022

Land in the real world produces both resources and wealth. Your digital land should as well - So we did that!

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