Terms of Service

Cardania Digital Assets is a business leading the integration of blockchain and entertainment – specifically PC gaming utilizing the technology of the Cardano blockchain network. Cardania Digital Assets works with a diverse array of artists and developers from around the world.

Blockchain products and tokens are offered only for jurisdictions where such activity is legal and appropriately regulated. Residents of the United States and China are disqualified from purchase.

All tokens for sale from Cardania Digital Assets are sold as-is, without warranty or agreement.

All tokenized art offered by the Company are strictly for collectible purposes. Company makes no claims or guarantees about the future value of any collectible or token.

No tokens offered by Cardania Digital Assets confer upon the purchaser any special rights, privileges, or voting power within the Company, or the Company’s subsidiaries and partners.

Tokens do not entitle the bearer to any additional future utility.

Purchase of blockchain assets and tokens is governed under a number of laws and jurisdictions across the world. Token purchasers are responsible for adhering to local, state, and federal law within their respective jurisdictions.Always consult a licensed financial advisor prior to purchasing blockchain products and tokens. Cardania Digital Assets is a registered Company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

PERMISSIVE COPYRIGHT: All tokenized art (visual and musical) produced by Cardania Digital Assets is Copyrighted by Cardania Digital Assets. Owners of our tokens may utilize the art and music of Cardania for non-commercial and limited commercial purposes (streaming, video production, use in motion pictures, games, etc. is permitted). Contact: