Cardania is expanding our active in-house mining operation!

Phase 1 Public Mint on Cardano is now LIVE. Click here to mint!
Phase 1 Public Mint on Ordinals begins this evening, stay tuned.

📖 BIG IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: This is advertisement for purchase of a digital asset Non-Fungible Token, and not a guarantee of any monetary returns, or contract for investment or service. All rewards are potential, variable, and subject to change. Purchasers are not granted voting rights in any company or venture, express or implied. Purchasers will be required to interact with Cardania Digital Asset or affiliated web properties to claim rewards. Access to Rewards are tied to the token itself, not to any individual or entity. Reward period to begin in approximately 6 months. We will accelerate that period if shipping & development allow. All reward allocations calculated after power and associated operating costs. Purchaser acknowledges risks inherent with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Consult with a licensed financial advisor prior to purchasing any digital assets or participating in any digital economies. Purchaser agrees to hold harmless Cardania Digital Assets and affiliated persons for any losses. Mining operations are conducted in accordance with applicable law. All numbers and projections outlined herein may be adjusted at the sole discretion of Cardania Digital Assets for reasons including but not limited to business needs, regulatory requirements, natural disasters etc. Purchaser acknowledges “Lifespan of Machine Operation” is an unknown time frame. Be advised KYC will be required for withdrawal of any rewards totaling $100 USD per user per day, in accordance with applicable law. All aspects of token management and mining management policies are subject to change. All sales governed under jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands.

Our NEXUS MULTICHAIN MINERS are your access passes to the harvesting of mining rewards. Per Epoch rewards will be harvestable via the Nexus, in $ADA. You can stockpile rewards there and extract when you’d like. Nexus Miners are a cross-chain mint, available on both Bitcoin and Cardano. Allow for 6 months before reward period begins. Time is of the essence, as miner costs increase with BTC price and orders for Q3 need to be done asap. Antminer L9’s also launch in May, which is perfect timing.

Tier 1) Standard Nexus Miner – Max. 1000

Standard Space Laser

  • Phase 1 Price: $150 April 28th – May 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $175 May 8th – May 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $250 June 1st

Tier 2) Deluxe Nexus Miner – Max. 500 

Bigger Space Laser. Equivalent of 5x Standard Lasers.

  • Phase 1 Price: $475 April 28th – May 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $600 May 8th – May 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $750 June 1st

Tier 3) ULTRA Nexus Miner  – Max. 250 

Massive Space Laser. Equivalent of 10x Standard Lasers.

  • Phase 1 Price: $950 April 28th – May 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $1100 May 8th – May 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $1300 June 1st

MAX REWARD DESIGN: 90% reward allocation to Nexus Miners, allocated proportionally, after monthly operating costs


  • ~70% mint revenue for Hardware: ASICs, compute, power, security, infrastructure etc.
  • Exceptionally competitive, renewable power $.07 kwh current avg power costs among the best in North America. Unique benefits w/ hydroelectric power + potential for on-site renewable energy if cost effective.
  • We are already mining. We are scaling the in-house multichain mining operations and integrating them with the Nexus. Site, expertise, & some infra already acquired and hashing. Build-out will scale to demand w/ plenty of room to expand additional mining cohorts. Algorithmic direction of hashpower, compute & storage to maximize returns. 
  • ~6 months to start of reward period for shipping, acquisition, development. We will accelerate this if possible.
  • Optional Compounding: Toggle compounding on/off! Let your Nexus Miner accrue rewards or allocate them toward more miners.
  • Web-Based Mining Platform w/ unique multiplayer game integrations & upgradeable features via RAD & claimable via The Nexus Web3 Hub.
  • Minimal extraneous costs. We are able to maintain competitive advantage and maximize rewards by utilizing in-house expertise, land, infra, and assets.
  • Royalty Allocation – 50% of Nexus Miner trade royalties (via jpgstore) allocated for flex rewards.   
  • Unique Memecoin Salvage Feature – Acquisition and distribution of value coins.
  • $RAD & Galactic Goods $GG Integration
  • SUMN Stakepool incentives: Harvesting Bonuses
  • Bonus Rewards for Cardania & Partner collections TBD
  • Initial Lifecycle: Lifespan of Machine Operation, w/ optional compounding & renewal options via RAD & GG.