Attention, Citizens:

The Nexus Update 1.5 the “Epoch Wars” is here!

Bullet Points on our Nexus 1.5 “EPOCH WARS” Update:

– Assign 5 Creature cards per Terraform🃏
– Launch attacks from your lands ⚔️
– Assign Starships to Lands 🚀
– Starships extend Reach and add both attack and defense ⚡️
– Citizens also add attack/defense (additional for faction aligned and Darkness, RAD, Pick metadata) 🫡
– Bunkers and Hazardous Flora add to land’s base Defense 💣🌱
– Victory Point System – Attackers and Defenders gain Victory Points based on difficulty of battle🥇
– Leaderboard – Both Factions and Individuals can climb the leaderboard and the top 3 individuals each epoch may WIN PRIZES!🏆
– RAD, Resources, and VP’s are gained from offensive victories ⛏️
– Resources won in battle are taken from Cardania, not from players! However, losses will incur harvesting losses on the following epoch. 🪙
– Each card may gain +1 health for each 10 levels. This applies strictly to the land game, not the MTG style game mode. – Each faction gets custom cursor! 🖱️
– Ultra Map upgrade – Isometric, panning and scrolling into Level of Detail

Our team is incredibly proud to bring you this update. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of detail and depth for combat which we will eventually be able to drill into, to say nothing of crafting and building. It is also an excellent example of what is capable utilizing Cardano’s eUTXO technology and game development with an ethos toward player ownership. As always, if you like what we’re doing, be sure to follow us on social media and let others know about the most rad destination in the metaverse. This update is officially live as of Epoch 398!