Starships will be a critical component for Cardania gaming, from faction conflict in Nexus to Enter the Ultraverse and beyond. As such, we are pursuing novel and innovative approaches to metadata management for the Starships tokens. Dynamic NFTs are a new and exciting use of blockchain technology that combines authentic token ownership with the flexibility needed for dynamic game development. There are currently two notable proposals that may have a lasting impact on the future of token metadata interpretation on Cardano: CIP-0068 by Alessandro Konrad (Ales) and CIP-0086 by Nicolas Ayotte (Fencemaker), both important contributors to our space.

These proposals are in the early stages of exploration and we don’t feel it is prudent to architect a software strategy that relies heavily on their wide adoption, at this time. We will continue to innovate in our approach to on and off-chain metadata management and Starships will be an important cornerstone in this effort. The open policy for Starships will ensure we have the flexibility to integrate new approaches and evolve these tokens both as Cardano progresses and as our games and applications mature. We will continue to review the work of our colleagues and implement great standards where they make sense.

“There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is the same” – Chinese Proverb.

Widow – 2
Hornet – 4
We’ve already crossed the dynamic NFT bridge with our dynamic cards for Enter the Ultraverse. By utilizing the 721 label and our own backend architecture for updating metadata with simple transactions, we’re able to ensure flexibility of the collection and keep the NFTs within already well-adopted standards. This method is already battle-tested for some months and we are confident in continuing with this model for providing best in class dynamic NFTs.

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