Attention Citizens, our Ordinals Nexus Miners are ready for deployment!

Our NEXUS MULTICHAIN MINERS are your ACCESS PASSES to harvesting of mining rewards from our IRL Bitcoin Mine! Rewards will be harvestable right here via the Nexus, first in $ADA and later in $BTC! You can passively stockpile rewards and extract when you’d like or even trade with attached rewards. Nexus Miners are a limited cross-chain mint, currently available on both Bitcoin and Cardano. Nexus Miners will be on sale until Facility 01 is full!

MAXIMUM REWARD DESIGN: 90% reward allocation to Nexus Miners, allocated proportionally, after monthly operating costs! SCROLL DOWN, AND CHECK OUT THE SLIDESHOW BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS!

💎Deluxe (5x) MINERS
🌸Standard (1x) MINERS

Tier 1) Standard Nexus Miner – Max. 1000

Modestly sized Space Laser. 1x Rewards

  • Phase 1 Price: $150 May 24th – June 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $175 June 7th – June 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $199 July 1st

Tier 2) Deluxe Nexus Miner – Max. 500 

Bigger Space LaserEquivalent of 5x Standard Lasers.

  • Phase 1 Price: $475 May 24th – June 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $600 June 7th – June 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $650 July 1st

Tier 3) ULTRA Nexus Miner  – Max. 250 

Massive Space Laser. Equivalent of 10x Standard Lasers or 2x Deluxe Lasers!

  • Phase 1 Price: $950 May 24th – June 7th
  • Phase 2 Price: $1100 June 7th – June 31st
  • Phase 3 Price: $1200 July 1st


What are Ordinals?

Ordinals are a numbering system and protocol that utilizes Bitcoin’s base unit (the satoshi) to mint (or inscribe) NFTs onto individual satoshis. Ordinals are very popular and highly valued, particularly those with great art and utility, and those which are inscribed on rare sats.

What wallet and marketplace should I use?

There are a number of Ordinals enabled Bitcoin wallets. We recommend using the Xverse wallet. As with all blockchain interactions, ensure you read signature messages prior to signing, and never connect your wallet to a site which you do not trust. We recommend having both a “hot” and “cold” wallet as a best practice. For trading, Magic Eden has a great interface and is where most of the action is.

What are Rare Sats?

“Rare sats” are satoshis which are unique or rare for a variety of reasons. Ordinal theory provides for a number of interesting and unique satoshis which are valued by collectors. Nexus ULTRA Miners are all minted on rare “Nakamoto” sats – the earliest sats mined by Satoshi Nakamoto himself!

When will rewards begin accuring?

Allow for 6 months for rewards to begin. We will accelerate this timeline if we are able but we’re giving ourselves plenty of room for site upgrades and shipping lead times.

What’s the difference between an Ultra, Deluxe, and Standard?

Rewards are allocated proportionally. Standards receive 1x rewards, Deluxes receive 5x, and Ultras receive 10x. So far, Ultras have been our most popular!

How long will rewards last?

Rewards will last for “The life of the machines“. While every mining machine will eventually fail, typically that takes 4-6 years of near constant runtime. Additionally, we may be able to extend the life of machines by repairing or replacing hashboards as time goes on. Simplified – we are making this mint maximally beneficial for as long of a duration as is economically viable. We will also provide “re-up” mechanisms for miners as machines reach end of life. Our priority is ensuring top-tier competitive rewards and a great user experience.

Can we compound rewards?

Miners will be able to choose to “compound” their rewards toward more mining machines. This is an entirely optional feature that will easily allow you to grow your mining reward potential across time.

Are you only mining Bitcoin? What about LTC, Doge, Erg, Kaspa etc?

Cardania utilizes pool mining which algorithmically selects the most profitable chain to mine on at any given time. Rewards are aggregated into BTC and then dispersed into the Nexus as ADA. ASIC mining of BTC is the primary effort but we will augment our ASIC miners with GPU and other diverse mining methods as we scale up. Examples of these might include STRCH on Cardano or ORE on Solana.

What are the weird Notes minted on the Ultra and Deluxe miners?

Ultra and Deluxe miners are inscribed with special text for you to discover! These are largely done in blocks of 10, with several unique 1/1 notes scattered throughout the collection. Good luck!

What is is a new platform for inscribing Ordinals onto the Bitcoin blockchain. We’ve known and worked with the creators for years and they are always a pleasure to work with! We’ve worked with them to beta test their systems and we’re excited to be the first collection sold through Inscribe!

“ is a tool for any creator to launch a collection that is inscribed (minted) at time of purchase. The tool is live now for any creator to build with. We ( are incredibly excited to be the launchpad for the Nexus Miners. The team behind has built in the Cardano space before (PlayerMint) and can’t think of a better way to kick off’s launch than with a cross-chain mint. Let’s make our mark on Bitcoin.” – Dan & Grant,


Total Ordinals Nexus Miners Available:
ULTRA: 250

Total Cardano Nexus Miners Available and Minted
Ultras Minted: 73/250
Deluxe Minted: 43/500
Standard Minted: 32/1000

For those who prefer Cardano Nexus Miners, click here to mint!


This is advertisement for purchase of a digital asset Non-Fungible Token, and not a guarantee of any monetary returns, or contract for investment or service. All rewards are potential, variable, and subject to change. Purchasers are not granted voting rights in any company or venture, express or implied. Purchasers will be required to interact with Cardania Digital Asset or affiliated web properties to claim rewards. Access to Rewards are tied to the token itself, not to any individual or entity. Reward period to begin in approximately 6 months. We will accelerate that period if shipping & development allow. All reward allocations calculated after power and associated operating costs. Purchaser acknowledges risks inherent with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Consult with a licensed financial advisor prior to purchasing any digital assets or participating in any digital economies. Purchaser agrees to hold harmless Cardania Digital Assets and affiliated persons for any losses. Mining operations are conducted in accordance with applicable law. All numbers and projections outlined herein may be adjusted at the sole discretion of Cardania Digital Assets for reasons including but not limited to business needs, regulatory requirements, natural disasters etc. Purchaser acknowledges “Lifespan of Machine Operation” is an unknown time frame. Be advised KYC will be required for withdrawal of any rewards totaling $100 USD per user per day, in accordance with applicable law. All aspects of token management and mining management policies are subject to change. All sales governed under jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands.