Attention, Citizens:

Cardania is proud to bring you Epoch Wars update v2.0: Citadels!

Epoch Wars players may now construct Citadel Modules on their Terraforms. Citadels are off-chain player built outposts which improve player defense, provide bonuses, and unlock additional capabilities such as research, crafting, and spellcasting.Citadels feature 9 separate modules that together form a full Citadel. Players may upgrade each module to improve its effectiveness and capabilities. Upgrades also have a visual component and look super sick at level 3.

Let’s take a look at each module and what it does.

The Habitat – The Habitat is the core module of your Citadel and required for all additional construction. The Habitat increases defense, range, and harvest yield. It is also the only module which requires RAD to build.

The Launchpad – The launchpad improves the range of your forces. This can be especially useful for hunting anomalies and hard to find resources.

The Power Module – The power module produces additional energy for you, as well as a small amount of toxic waste byproduct. If this module is destroyed, it will stop producing energy so make sure to properly defend it.

Walls – Walls greatly enhance the defense of your Citadel and in the event of a battle loss, your walls will take damage instead of a random module.

Defensive Turrets – Defensive turrets greatly add to the defense of your Terraforms. They can only be built once Walls are in place, and get destroyed if your walls get destroyed.

The Mage Tower (Pending Development) – Once we’ve completed the spellcasting update, The Mage Tower will unlock spellcasting for players – The Mage Tower is useful as of this update however, as it does add to the player’s range and defense.

The Research Module – (Pending Development) Once we’ve completed the Research update, the Research module will unlock the technology tree for players. The Research Module also produces Research Points, which will be the primary mechanism of researching new technologies once that update is ready.

The Resource Processing Facility (Pending Development)- Will unlock crafting capabilities, pending development. This module also produces Machine Components every epoch.

The Storage Module (Pending Development) – The Storage module will increase player inventory space, pending development.

Each module has an associated resource cost. Habitat modules have an associated RAD cost, but all other modules are purchased using resource tokens.

Build times for modules are as follows:
Level 1 = 1 hour
Level 2 = 6 hours
Level 3 = 12 hours

Citadel Modules can be damaged and destroyed in combat. If you lose a battle, there is a 10% chance that one of your modules is destroyed. When a module is destroyed, you lose the bonuses and benefits of that module until it is repaired. Repairs are approximately one half the cost of the initial construction. If you have walls constructed, they will take the damage your modules might otherwise take.


Importantly, this update includes the Player Purse. The Player purse reads your nami, Eternl, or other wallet and allows you to deposit and withdraw your rad and on-chain resources in bulk. We will produce a separate video with more details on the purse architecture for those who are curious. For now, note that each deposit to the purse requires twice the Minimum ADA value to facilitate any future withdrawals of the same.

Several transaction types are now reading from your purse only: Faction Boosts, Personal XP Boosts, and Citadel interactions.

Transactions that still require ADA/Outside input include pack opening, card leveling, and harvesting.

The purse will radically reduce transaction friction for players, especially as we tackle the follow on updates of Research, Crafting, and Spellcasting.

Additionally on this update we’ve patched an exploit whereby a user could spoof many wallets to artificially increase the faction population count.

I’d also like to note that you can now stream Epoch Wars as its own category on as well as – Tag us anytime you are streaming and we are happy to give you a boost!

I’d like to thank our lead developer Eustacia, Citadel artist Syoma Pozdeev and our community for making Cardania one of the most advanced and successful web3 games on the market. Thank you so much, enjoy your Citadels, and stay RAD!