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Cardania is a Web3 gaming ecosystem built around the Cardano blockchain.

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The Nexus

The Nexus is a Web3 hub for Citizens to connect and engage with the Cardania ecosystem.

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Epoch Wars

Epoch Wars is a game played between terraform holders within the Nexus.

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Collectible Tokens

Learn about Cardania's Collectible NFTs.

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Gaming Tokens

Learn about Cardania's CNTs and other NFT Gaming and Utility Tokens

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Enter the Ultraverse

Cardania's Trading Card Game. Payers have real ownership of their unopened packs and trading cards, granting the freedom to trade collectables freely.

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Learn more about Cardano, Cardania, and the Ultraverse.

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At its heart, Cardania is a community. Join us and see what makes Cardania the raddest destination in the Ultraverse.