Welcome aboard citizen, you're cleared for entry. We're building the most RAD destination in the metaverse. Current games are a one way bummer. You spend your time + money, and own nothing. The next generation of gaming facilitates ownership, rewards stake, provides opportunity, and reinvests in its users. And it's fun! Learn more about what we're building in the RAD paper.

Stake your ADA
with SUMN

Citizens of Cardania utilize the powers of the SUMMONING POOL to help fight the forces of darkness, and grow the realm of Cardania! Adventurers may achieve mysterious, fun, and fantastical rewards! Delegate using your Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, or Typhon wallets.

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Friday Night
Marble Racing!

Join us Friday nights at 10PM PST for the greatest sporting event in the galaxy -Marble Racing! You just need a Twitch account and a Cardania asset in your wallet. Good luck, roll hard!

Race Marbles

We've minted 90B RAD (Now 45B!) tokens on the Cardano blockchain to build out our gaming ecosystem! As we organically grow, more of the token is released to the community, and more sinks for RAD are built! Read the RAD Paper V2.0 to learn for more details!