Attention, Citizens:

Nexus Update 1.8 – Anomalies have arrived!

Anomalies are unique events that players can encounter while playing Epoch Wars. Players will find Anomaly signals scattered throughout the sectors. If an anomaly is within range of your forces, you may choose to attack the Terraform on which it is located, and if successful you may scan the anomaly. If an anomaly spawns on your own Terraform, you get to engage it for free, but you may wish to do so quickly before another player gets to it.

Once an anomaly has been scanned, it is greyed out and is no longer accessible.

Anomalies offer the player a chance to make choices which will impact the outcome of the event. Each Anomaly will provide players with rewards ranging from EXP and Victory Points to on-chain rewards like resources, and even unique NFTs.

The anomaly update is another layer of interactivity and rewards for our players, and also provides us with some deep interactive storytelling mechanics, as well as the potential for special anomaly events for holidays, or project collaborations.

The Anomalies update goes live today at Epoch 411. Special thanks to our lead dev Eustacia for this update, and we look forward to seeing you in Epoch Wars.

If you are new to Cardania, be sure to drop by the Discord at and web3 connect via Nami, Eternl, Flint, or Typhon wallets at Cardania’s Nexus Web3 Portal

Stay Rad!