Attention, Citizens:

The Nexus Update 1.7 the “Level Up-date” is here!

This update brings a much anticipated Experience and Leveling system to the Nexus. You will now earn experience points for most everything you do both in game and throughout the nexus, and level up your profiles over time.

Even better – Everything you’ve done since the start of the Nexus has been accounted for and you’ll be automatically rewarded with the appropriate level.

All player profiles in the Nexus will display the user’s current level beside their PFP.

Players can earn experience and levels a number of ways, such as attacking and defending in Epoch Wars. Tougher battles do yield more exp. A 10 Victory point battle will earn you 2500 experience points, a 3 victory point battle will earn you 750 experience, a 1 victory point battle will earn you 250 experience, and simply fighting in a battle even if you lose will earn you 100 exp.

Some other items which will earn you experience points include:
Harvesting terraforms: 100XP
Setting a PFP to your profile (first time only): 1,000XP
Unlocking a new PFP Policy: 1,000XP
Opening a pack of ETU cards: 1,000XP
Minting a Starship: 1,000XP
Winning First Place in Epoch Wars 10,000XP
Winning Second Place in Epoch Wars 7,000XP
Winning Heroic Attack/Defense in Epoch Wars 5,000XP

Players may choose to boost XP earn with RAD each epoch. On launch, 50k RAD = a 5% boost, and 100k RAD = a 10% boost (unlocked at level 5).

We’ve also changed some of the top level navigation to make it a bit more clear. The Harvest button will take you to what was previously “manage lands” and the “Epoch Wars” button now takes you to the battle map.

Maximum level is currently 60. And do be advised that leveling will be used to unlock specific features as we continue to improve the Nexus.

This update goes live today, April 28th at 6am Pacific. Thank you for making Cardania the most rad destination in web3. Good luck in the Epoch Wars, and stay rad!