Attention, Citizens:

If you’re reading this, the Nexus has been successfully relaunched!

Attention Citizens, Cardania’s NEXUS Web3 Hub relaunches on April 24th and brings with it a slew of new features, onboarding tools, and a much improved user interface.

We are excited to bring you the brand new Resource Marketplace – On launch, Players will be able to buy and sell all of Cardania’s 40 resources in exchange for RAD! This also effectively makes $RAD backed by a basket of 40 digital commodities and integrated with one of the world’s largest decentralized strategy games – an extremely novel development with many exciting implications!

To ensure Newbies are not overwhelmed, the Nexus will now feature a brand new onboarding experience with new player tutorials and improved leveling mechanics. With this update we’ve now also raised the Player level cap to 100! Players will continue to enjoy the Nexus’ many features including integrations for over 90 Cardano NFT projects, pack opening, card leveling, an integrated NFT inventory system, our live multiplayer strategy Epoch Wars, our multiplayer racer Nebula Run, an updated retro arcade featuring Void Squid, and more!

We’ve also revised Epoch Wars play requirements – Players are no longer required to delegate to the Summoning Pool in order to play Epoch Wars but will instead be rewarded with MORE BONUSES for their delegation! Buying and selling RAD for ADA also just got much easier, with our new on-site Dexhunter integration.

We’d like to thank all our players and contributors, as well as the entire Cardano community for helping to make Cardania the most rad destination on the blockchain. Stay Rad! Be sure to join us in the Discord and follow us on X for all the latest and greatest!

Major shoutout to our lead developer Eustacia – Your work here is immensely appreciated and this update in particular is a masterwork. Thank you!