The Summoning Pool

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The Summoning Pool

The Summoning Pool is the source of power for Cardania and fights the forces of darkness.

If you're a Cardano(ADA) holder, you can delegate your ADA for "staking". Staking is a process that helps secure the Cardano network and earns token holders additional ADA every epoch (every 5 days). The Summoning Pool [SUMN] is our stakepool on the Cardano network. Delegators receive roughly ~5% APY based on their stake, and have a chance to receive random airdrops and other benefits as we develop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about stakepools, Cardano, and SUMN.
1What is the Summoning Pool?
The Summoning Pool is Cardania's stakepool on the Cardano blockchain. More than that, the Summoning Pool is the beating heart of the world of Cardania. By harnessing the forces of the Summoning Pool, Cardanians may earn great power and rewards.
2What is a Stakepool?
A Stakepool is a node on the Cardano blockchain which helps secure the decentralized network, verify transactions, and produce new blocks - the source of Cardano's native currency, ADA. By delegating your own ADA to a stakepool for staking, you are able to earn ADA, as well as additional rewards as determined by the stakepool operator.
3How do I delegate ADA?
Using either the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets, you may delegate ADA to the Summoning Pool by searching for our ticker symbol [SUMN] and selecting us as your chosen stakepool! Note: You will need to delegate for more than one full epoch to receive rewards, and not all epochs produce the same rewards! Adventure, mystery, and magical rewards await!
4What is an Epoch?
The Cardano network splits time into periods called epochs. One epoch lasts approximately 5 days. It means that if an epoch starts in the middle of Sunday then it ends approximately in the middle of Friday. The next epoch would start in the middle of Friday and ends in the middle of Wednesday.