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The Summoning

Earn Ada and $RAD with noncustodial staking.

Ticker: SUMN

Pool ID: dc508ac7975e573adf6ef17873c74d200e0cd71931c139eb76853281

Fixed Fee: 340₳ | Margin Fee: 1.99% | [More]

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The Raddest Stake Pool on Cardano

Delegators to SUMN are eligible to per-epoch $RAD distribution in addition to the pool’s Ada rewards. $RAD is allocated to delegators based on their active stake through the Cardania Nexus, which is also the home to Epoch Wars, web3 RPG where you are the true owner of your rewards.

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$RAD, The Currency of Cardania

$RAD is a Cardano Native Token and the principal currency of Cardania. Terraform owners and delegators to SUMN earn $RAD each Cardano Epoch and may spend it in-game on a variety of upgrades, consumables and cosmetics.

$RAD is the foundation of a dynamic in-game economy, with 7.5B $RAD in circulation and over 900M spent in-game by players.


Starships add range, attacks/epoch and attack power when assigned to Terraforms. Starships come in 5 models with 20 variations and hundreds of possible loadouts. When you’re not attacking other Terraforms in Epoch Wars, race your starships in Nebula Run, a fun, fast-paced PvP racing game that leverages the unique attributes of each starship.



At its heart, Cardania is a community. Join us and see what makes Cardania the raddest destination in the Ultraverse.