Epoch Wars

Epoch Wars has the accolade of being one of the very first multiplayer games on the Cardano blockchain. Debuting in March 2023 to around 500 active players it became an instant hit.

The premise of the game is that SUMN delegators with Terraform tokens can participate in battles once every epoch (5 days). Successful battles return $RAD and resource tokens. Plus, if you are lucky, you may find an Anomaly and win a mintable NFT.

There is zero-skill required to play Epoch Wars, but a strategic mind will be of great benefit.

What are the returns for playing?

Players earn variable rewards based on their activity, strategy, skill, and luck in game. We’ve engineered a system that generously rewards players for their gameplay, and also integrates passive rewards which are often quite robust.

Levelling Up Terraforms

In order to achieve greatness, you will need to increase the range, attack and defense capabilities of your Terraform. Range and attack enhancements improve your ability to defeat your foes. Whilst defense helps resist their advancement.

Building a Citadel on your terraform will increase range, attack and defense. You can also unlock advanced features such as Research, Crafting and Spells.

Note that Citadels can be built with the $RAD and resources earned through harvesting!

You can also add various Cardania tokens (and tokens from other select Cardano projects) as ‘buffs’ to your personal profile, which improve your Epoch Wars capabilities.

Start Playing

This is what you need to start playing EpochWars:

  1. A web3 wallet actively delegated to SUMN pool
  2. A terraform within the wallet, plus an attack token:
    • Starship
    • Citizen
    • Enter the Ultraverse ‘creature’ card

You can use your terraform to attack once every epoch (5 days). At the turnover of each epoch terraforms will be randomly shuffled on the map, and attacks will be reset.

Attacking & Defending

Carry out an attack via the Terraform Map page:

  • Scroll into the map using Shift + Mouse wheel up
  • Select your terraform and then ‘Mount Attack
  • Select a neighboring terraform to attack (note their defense rating)
  • Select Attack to initiate the battle (this will result in Victory or Defeat)
  • You cannot attack a terraform from your own faction
  • After attacking your terraform will change to a ‘Resting’ state

When attacking, you will be given an estimate chance of success. You get more Victory Points for attacks with lower chance of success:

  • 1 point – Certain, High, Fair
  • 3 points – Moderate, Low
  • 10 points – Very low, Impossible

Terraforms will defend themselves automatically. Your terraforms will gain defense points from Hazardous Flora and Bunker attributes, but it will not lose any $RAD or resources if they are defeated.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard shows the seven ‘factions’, each with a total member count and the percentage that is attributed to ‘balancing’ which can increase or decrease your experience points (XP). If you choose a less popular faction, you will increase your XP return.

The leaderboard also shows the current Epoch, with a progress bar and the current leaders for highest overall attack and defense scores. Also the ‘heroic’ members who’s terraforms have produced the most unlikely attack or defense successes. These leaders are automatically rewarded with NFT prizes at the end of the Epoch.

Faction Boosts

You can give your faction a lift by paying 300k $RAD and 1 QDE for one of the following boosts
– Blessing +5% XP boost
– Bloodlust +1 Attack boost
– Reinforcements for +1 Defense boost