Epoch Wars FAQs

  • Q: I delegated my wallet, why doesn’t it show up? A: When you delegate to a new stake pool, the delegation takes 2 full epochs to become active. So it will take 5-10 days.

  • Q: I moved a terraform into my wallet, why doesn’t it show up? A: An Epoch Wars snapshot is taken at the start of each epoch. Terraforms that move wallets cannot be used until the following epoch, to prevent them being used more than once. This includes Terraforms bought from a marketplace.

  • Q: I have a terraform but I can’t attack with it, why not? A: Each terraform requires a token to activate it’s attack capability. If the attack button is greyed out, you may be trying to attack a Terraform from the same faction. This is not allowed!

  • Q: I added a support token to my wallet, but I can’t see it, why not? If you add tokens to the wallet, you can ‘Rescan Wallet’ from the Harvest page. They will then show up in your inventory.

  • Q: I bought an Enter the Ultraverse card but can’t attack with it, why not? A: The attack function is provided by Creature and Weapon Cards only. You may have bought a Spell Card? You can check the Public ETU Card Library sheet and filter for creature + weapon card types