Epoch Wars Beginners Guide

When you first join Cardania and begin to play Epoch Wars, your terraform will be without attack capability. So you will need to add one or more ‘attack tokens’ to wage war on other terraforms.

If your range and attack strength is poor you will need to find targets with a POORLY GUARDED defense. Terraforms without Hazardous Flora or Bunker are what you should look for. These attributes are shown within the green box on the image. You will see this view when you hover over the terraform square on the map.

If you think you can defeat the defenses, then take a look at the resources available. The ‘underground’ blue area shows primary and secondary minerals, whilst the ‘overground’ area shows all other attributes. In this example there is a Timelost Lithoglyph, which yields the very rare “Timelost Runes” as a reward. Plus several others as well…. Go for it!

Take a look at the Terraforms page for the various attributes and the resources they produce.

Need to Level Up Your Terraform?

Also check out this example attack video (Nexus v1.5 Mar 2023)