What is The Nexus?

The Nexus is a Web3 hub for Citizens to connect and engage with the Cardania ecosystem.

It works by checking all SUMN staked wallets for ADA and Cardania assets at the start of the epoch. Players who connect these wallets can then use their assets to play Cardania games.

The system is non-custodial, meaning you keep all the assets and we just take a ‘snapshot’. The inventory will be locked for the epoch, so any tokens that move wallets mid-epoch will not affect the snapshot. However, you can opt to ‘re-scan’ your wallet at any time to pick up certain game tokens like Starships and Citizens.

Staking Returns

If you are staked to SUMN you can harvest every epoch. You need a Web3 wallet browser extension to ‘connect’ your blockchain wallet.

You will get an amount of $RAD simply for staking to SUMN (in addition to the normal ADA rewards). You can check your expected returns using our calculator.

Founder’s Cards provide a 10-25% yield return boost for $RAD depending on the rarity.

Your harvest will also include bonus loot tokens (see our partner projects page for details).

Gaming Returns

The largest $RAD yield increases will be achieved through playing our games. After all, we are a gaming ecosystem that thrives on player engagement!

You can enable the Epoch Wars game by acquiring one or more Terraforms and attaching other tokens:

The returns from attacking other terraforms are detailed in the Epoch Wars codex page


You will likely select all tokens available to harvest and the cost for all 40+ tokens will not exceed 1 ADA with current chain TX costs. However, to include all those tokens in the transaction an amount of 7 ADA will be required, so 6 ADA will be returned along with the tokens.