RAD Tokens


The RAD token is fundamentally an “arcade” token used for non-gambling web3 game applications. Cardania Digital Assets is a producer of web3 game experiences and digital collectibles, and RAD is intended as a token through which users may access or purchase experiences and/or collectibles, and a token through which users receive rewards.

Ownership of RAD does not grant any expressed or implied rights or privileges associated with Cardania Digital Assets, partners, or third parties. Blockchain tokens are extremely volatile, often have low liquidity, and subject to ongoing regulatory changes. We do not advise treating RAD (or any) web3 game token as an investment vehicle.

Cardania Digital Assets reserves the right to alter the utility, reward methodologies, distribution, and other parameters of the RAD token at any given time, for any reason.

Please consult with a licensed financial professional in your jurisdiction before buying or selling any cryptocurrency.

RAD token is the native currency of Cardania.

Available supply: 45 billion
Total supply: 90 billion (45 billion burned)
Circulating supply: ~9 billion

Exchanges: MinSwap, MuesliSwap, SundaeSwap

Charts: RAD / ADA Chart (taptools.io)

Token Utility

$RAD is a general purpose “arcade” token for the Cardania game ecosystem.

Sinks” Ways that RAD is taken out of circulation

Assets – NFTs, cards, ships, avatars, equipment, resources, etc.
Purchases – Consumables, XP boosts, cosmetics, death mechanics, services, upgrades
Tributes – RAD tributes for community and faction level benefits

“Faucets” Ways that RAD is added into circulation. Updated 2023:

Gameplay – RAD will be earned through general game interactions
Events – Win RAD by participating in regular community events
DEXs – Secondary market purchases are available on various DEX’s

Liquidity Pools
Users can currently contribute to RAD-ADA Liquidity Pools on Minswap. These pools are run by third party DEX’s not associated with Cardania. Defi applications have their own risks associated with them, always engage with caution.

50% Supply Reduction: In early 2022, 50% of total token supply (45B) was locked into a burn wallet. Future deflationary mechanisms may be developed using an organic distribution methodology which corresponds with user acquisition & retention.