Cardania Quick Start

Cardania is a Web3 NFT gaming ecosystem, building began on the Cardano blockchain in 2021 with a simple ethos;

Long-term focus, deployment of Cardano’s best tools and features, plus a fun and real community.

The Cardania project is totally independent. Having no third-party investment means we can develop freely and without burden. We are also not overcommitted with burdensome operating costs, this has been key to survival through an 18-month bear market. We are now nicely positioned to continue building a gaming ecosystem for Cardano web3 gaming enthusiasts.

Cardania is currently centred around two games:

  • Epoch Wars – A tile-based land strategy & battle game
  • Enter the Ultraverse – a PvP Trading Card Game (similar to Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering)

Epoch Wars is live today and being played by hundreds of players every epoch.

Whilst the full ‘Enter The Ultraverse’ game is being developed, we have deployed a ‘boss battle’ within Epoch Wars that uses the First Edition trading cards.

How do I join?

Here are the basic steps to being able to harvest and play Epoch Wars every epoch:

  1. Change your wallet stake to SUMN ‘The Summoning Pool’ (wait 5-10 days)
  2. Acquire a Terraform then check out Harvesting and Epoch Wars
  3. Earn $RAD tokens and resource tokens every epoch (these are all on-chain)

Harvesting – If you want to bolster your harvest, you can add these buff tokens:

  1. Founder’s Card – Boost your $RAD token harvest by 10%-25% (per wallet)
  2. Citizen – Boost your resource token harvest by 25% (per terraform)

Epoch Wars – If you want to earn more RAD and resources in Epoch Wars, you can attack other terraforms. To be successful you will need attack capability. Check out the Epoch Wars Token Utility page.

What is the community like? – Cardania has the following numbers:

  • 13k+ Twitter followers
  • 5k+ Discord members
  • 3k Terraform token holders
  • 2k delegators to SUMN stake pool
  • 500 regular Web3 game participants

This is a great foundation for a Web3 independent gaming platform!

A final word about our team

Chris (aka “Cap”) founded the Cardania project in 2021. The eUTXO model was the catalyst for his vision to create a Web3 gaming platform with interchangeable tokens.

Fun fact… Chris was a Captain in the US Army – hence the name ‘Cap’

Eustacia is our Lead Developer and joined the project very early on. Without doubt Eus is one of the finest devs on the blockchain. Quietly delivering web3 minting, staking, gaming applications to a very high standard.

Behind the scenes there are several designers, artists, writers and mods all dutifully looking after Cardania. Just like the Custodian AI on the space station!