Connect your wallet to The Nexus and you will find the ‘Harvest Resources’ option.
If you need help with your Web3 wallet connect – read this guide

NOTE – What you see here is a snapshot of the previous epoch. Anything you added to the wallet in the current epoch will be included in the next snapshot.

Combined power level – This is the accumulated power level of your Terraforms

Founder’s Card Bonus – you can increase the RAD yield by holding a Founder’s Card

  • 10% for Red, Green, Blue
  • 15% for Orange, Purple
  • 20% for Black, White
  • 25% for ALL colors (the Gauntlet)

Total RAD – this is derived from the Living Lands formula. ‘Show me the math’ gives you the full calculation with your applied figures.

Resources Produced This Epoch – These are produced by your Terraforms based on the various traits (see the Terraforms page). Hover on each token to see how much of each resource has been harvested.

Assigned Citizens – You get 25% more tokens when a Citizen is assigned to a Terraform.

Click on the top corner of a Terraform to add or remove a Citizen

Once you have attached your Citizens you are ready to select your resources and harvest.

Each token you select will add a small amount of ADA to the harvest cost.

For all 40 tokens this will not exceed 1 ADA with current chain TX costs.

To complete the harvest you will need to sign a TX to send an amount of ADA within the wallet extension.

If you are having issues with your Web3 wallet you can opt for a manual transaction.

When your TX is complete you will see a ‘Harvest Complete’ confirmation. You’re done!