Bitcoin Runes – GALACTIC•GOODS

Cardania bridged to Bitcoin when the GALACTIC•GOODS rune #1762 was minted on 20th April 2024.

The supply is 21 million. GALACTIC•GOODS (Rune #1762) | Ordiscan

$RAD to $GG Swaps

  • $RAD can be swapped to $GG at a swap rate of XXX:1
  • The swapped $RAD will be returned to Cardania treasury
  • Swap details pending announcement. Purchasers should anticipate paying TX fees.

$GG Utility

Utility to be announced..

Bitcoin Runes FAQ

  • Runes is a UTXO model designed for Fungible Tokens as an improvement over the BRC-20 protocol (used by Ordinals). Both protocols were designed by Casey Rodarmor.
  • Runes launched at the halving in April 2024
  • Runes are tied to Inscriptions – Galactic Goods is Inscription #70,283,096 | Ordiscan
  • There will be a maximum of