Attention, Citizens (NFT Music Album)

The original soundtrack to Cardania! Featuring Jack Hammer, Quad Lazr and Frigid Beats (plus specials guests TheNeverEngine!)

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Listen Here! – Cardania: Attention, Citizens

The album is also available on Spotify and Apple Music

If you want to download the tracks you can do so using the links below. These can be used for backing tracks on videos, promos, etc…

Jack Hammer – Neon Nova

Jack Hammer – Artificial Dawn

Jack Hammer – Ultrasaur

QuadLazr – Non Fungible Fantasies

Jack Hammer – Hyperion

QuadLazr – Digital Dream Forge

QuadLazr – Epsilon Starfire

Frigid Beats – Interdimensional Romance

Jack Hammer – Nothing is Lost

Jack Hammer – Hazardous Flora

Jack Hammer – Heart of Cardania

Jack Hammer – Liquid Brainscape

Frigid Beats – Subscription Mortality

Jack Hammer – Quantum Flux

Frigid Beats – Cellular Augmentation

Jack Hammer – Asama Rain

Frigid Beats – Spacelanes

Frigid Beats – Will to Flower

Jack Hammer – Awakened Custodians

Jack Hammer – Eustacian Physics

Jack Hammer – Generative Adversarial Net Worth

QuadLazr – Error 404 Feeling Not Found

QuadLazr – Convergent Evolution

Jack Hammer – Proximal Horizon

Jack Hammer – Prismatic

Jack Hammer – Nanite Uprising

Jack Hammer – Nellands

Jack Hammer – Schelling Pointillism

Jack Hammer – Turing Complete

NeverEngine – Marbles Mixdown

Music Videos

Cardania’s community is full of talent! Check out these videos

Hyperion’ by FrenchToaste

High quality screenplay from our in-house actor, simply legendary

‘Cardanium Bars’ by Afta

“I christen you with funky liquid! In the name of Ataraaaask”