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Coming Soon! (Anticipated release June 2021)


1What is the RAD Token?
The RAD token is Cardania's native token, minted on the Cardano blockchain network. RADs will be the native token for multiple games and utilities developed by Cardania LLC. Proceeds from the RAD token crowdsale help fund the development of the Cardania ecosystem, including but not limited to hiring staff (developers, artists, hardware, marketing etc), event production, digital and real world infrastructure necessities.
2Why should I buy RAD tokens?
By purchasing RAD tokens, you are directly helping to fund this project and help turn Cardania into a multi-game ecosystem on the bleeding edge of cryptocurrency and gaming. We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee our commitment to excellence and longevity of this project.
3Where can I trade them?
RAD tokens are currently not listed on any cryptocurrency marketplaces, though we will pursue listing on multiple exchanges and swap protocols in the near future.
4Token Monetary Policies
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