Founders Cards

Cardania Founders Cards


1What are Founders Cards?
Cardania Founders Cards are limited edition collectible NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain, made for the Cardania gaming ecosystem.
2How do I purchase?
Simply send exactly 20 ADA to the address listed above, and within one minute or so, you will automatically receive one of seven variations of Founders Card. *NOTE: Use Daedalus or Yoroi wallets. Do not use an exchange wallet, or the NFT and your ADA will likely be unrecoverable. *NOTE: If you send more or less than exactly 20 ADA, your money will be considered a non-refundable donation. Send EXACTLY 20 ADA!
3How many Founders Cards are there?
There are only 10,000 total Founders Cards. There are 7 color variations and 3 rarity levels.
4What's the Rarity Table?
Black Cards: 250
White Cards: 250
Orange Cards: 1,000
Purple Cards: 1,000
Red Cards: 2,500
Green Cards: 2,500
Blue Cards: 2,500
5What will Founders Cards be used for?
Founders Cards will be utilized in Cardania's upcoming game projects, including our Trading Card Game, and Virtual World. More detail will be provided as development continues. For now, we can say that these cards will offer significant exclusivity within our ecosystem.
6Will these make me money?
Please do not purchase our Cards with the expectation of financial gain. Cardania LLC offers these items only as collectibles.
7How do we contact you if something goes wrong?
If your transaction fails, send your txID to and our team will do what we can to help. You can also let us know on Discord or Twitter.
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