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GAIA Stakepool

GAIA Stakepool
When you stake with GAIA you help the planet and bring value to Cardano. We donate 1/3 of our profit to charities that heal planet Earth, and we reinvest at least 1/3 of our profit back into pledge. It feels GOOD to stake with GAIA!

Ticker: GAIA
Pool Fee: 3%
Pledge: 29,000+
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ATM Pool

GAIA Stakepool
ATM Stake Pool (ATM1) is the only pool offering a growing range of services elusively to delegators; from minting Native tokens, adding metadata to building a stake pool.

ADA Technology Management (ATM) runs a Cardano Stake Pool dedicated to helping people build businesses on and around the Cardano network on top of its range of services. By delegating to ATM1, even for a short while is helping us bring the community together and create viable businesses around Cardano

Ticker: ATM1
Pool Fee: 3%
Pledge: 100,000
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Metro Mermaid Pool

Metro Mermaids Pool
Metro Mermaids is a staking pool investing in the future of the planet by undertaking and implementing environmental action and education and contributing to the improvement of our earths ecosystem.

Ticker: TAILS
Pledge: 1.9K
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1) Send 75 $ADA to the following address:

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- Transaction ID (to verify you sent the ADA)
- Stakepool fee, pledge, website, any additional details you'd like featured within a paragraph or so
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